Corning Glass Museum

On our way to New York on the NYC 4-Day Bus Tour, we pay a visit to the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York. The Corning Glass Museum, located in the heart of the Finger Lakes region of the New York State,  was founded in 1951 by Corning Glass Works. The museum is home to the world’s most comprehensive collection of art and history in glass and features a hands-on area detailing innovations in technology and scientific discoveries in glass. The collection currently consists of more than 45,000 glass objects, some over 3,500 years old. The museum’s campus also includes a state-of-the-art glass making school and the world’s library of record on glass and glass making.

IMG_0259At the museum you can experience the amazing properties of glass, see live and narrated hot glass-making demonstrations that run daily, and watch flame workers turn simple glass rods into delicate figurines at the torch at Flame working Demos. The galleries present art pieces that span over 35 centuries of glass art, history, and science. This includes ancient Egyptian pieces, delicate Venetian glass, and breathtaking contemporary pieces. You can also find a glass treasure for your home in the 18,000 square-foot Glass Market in the lobby of the museum, where you will find fantastic glass art pieces, jewelery, accessories, objects for home and much more!

IMG_0258The museum also presents the opportunity to get hands-on experience with glass at the Innovation Center with interactive exhibits that tell the story of the science and technology of glass. There, you have the opportunity to meet the inventors whose ideas changed the world, as well as dabble with glass chemistry, experience the power of optical fiber and see yourself in the strange reflection of a flight simulator mirror. The Innovation Center galleries currently on display include the Optics Gallery, Vessels Gallery and Windows Gallery. A 300-foot bridge connects three floating pavilions.

IMG_0255If you have enough time, you also have the opportunity to make Your Own Glass souvenir to take home! From hot glass working, to flame working, to fusing, to sandblasting—you can do just about anything with glass, with the help of experienced glass workers. During our stop-over a the Corning Museum, you will have the chance to experience just about all of these exciting features and make your New York Bus trip that much more fulfilling.


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