Top 5 Reasons to Travel this Summer!


Summer is upon us and there is no better time to travel than right now! Grab your suitcase and passport and check out Comfort Tour Canada’s
Top 5 Reasons to Travel this Summer:

#1: Educate Yourself!
• There is no better way to learn about history, culture and language than traveling and experiencing it yourself. Who needs a school textbook when you can learn from hundreds of museums, monuments and people while engaging in an experience that you will remember forever!

#2: Food!
• Get the chance to try authentic local cuisine of the city or country you choose to visit. From Chicago’s deep-dish pizza to England’s English style fish and chips, there are so many iconic dishes to try that are sure to meet and satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

#3: Be Adventurous!
• Grab your friends and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Whether it’s a bus tour to the USA or a flight across the Atlantic Ocean, challenge yourself to new depths and see how much you can accomplish. Try to hail a cab in New York City (in one shot!) or navigate your way through the Italian-speaking streets of Florence – you’ll never know how much of a traveller you are until you try!

#4: Recharge and Refresh!
• We all live busy live and sometimes, a mental break is necessary. This summer gives you the perfect opportunity to reset your mind and escape out of your everyday routine by taking a relaxing vacation. You deserve it!

#5: Treat Yourself!
• When you look back at your summer in September, what is going to stand out the most – the exhausting 40-hour work week you barely made it through? Definitely not! We all have that one dream travel destination on our bucket list and there is no better time to go than now! It is time that we all started doing what makes us truly happy. After all, traveling is the route to happiness!

At Comfort Tour Canada, we offer a wide variety of bus tour packages, including tours within Canada, to the U.S and even to Europe! This summer, we are excited for our London &Paris 10-day fully-guided tours, which take you on wonderful excursion to two of the most visited cities in the world! Comfort Tour also offers a 10-day Bella Italia tour package, which includes visits to Rome, Florence and Venice. The combination of these three beautiful Italian cities will make this an unforgettable tour experience!

Comfort Tour offers departures from Toronto for all of our bus tours!


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