New York City TV and Movie Sets


Visit Your Favourite TV and Movie Sets in the Big Apple!

While you are on Comfort Tour’s New York City bus tour, make sure to visit the sets of your favourite movies and TV series during the allotted free time!
These are just some of our favourite spots:

Sex and the City – Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment:

New York City’s most fabulous lady lived in a brownstone on the Upper East Side – 245 East 73rd Street, between Park and Madison to be exact! Here, Carrie Bradshaw had many moments on the iconic front steps and at the window, where she is seen writing her column in many of the episodes of Sex and the City. If you get the chance to visit Carrie’s apartment on your trip to Manhattan, don’t expect to see Manolo Blahnik wearing, Cosmo sipping, single ladies. This brownstone is actually located in the heart of the West Village of Manhattan at 64 Perry Street, a tree-lined street in a quiet neighbourhood.

Friends – Monica Geller’s Apartment:

There is no way that this apartment could not make our favourites list! Monica Geller, who is played by actress Courtney Cox, lives in Apartment 20 of an apartment unit in Greenwich Village. The apartment was handed down to Monica from Grandma Geller and is the one of the main sets used in the show. Located on the corner of Grove and Bedford in Greenwich Village, you can go see this apartment with the iconic fire escape and fulfill your Friends fan dreams!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Holly Golightly’s apartment:

For all of the Audrey Hepburn fans out there, this is a definite spot to visit! See where Miss. Holly Golightly lived with the company of her pet cat and her neighbour, Paul. In the movie, Holly’s small apartment address is 167 East 71st Street located on the Upper East Side of a neighbourhood borough in Manhattan. However, in reality, the actual house number is 169! Holly’s apartment is now a multi-family home of 2,880 square feet, and the property is valued at around four million dollars. Make sure to bring your big, black sunhats when visiting!

Serendipity – Serendipity 3, Restaurant and General Store:

Serendipity (n): the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

That is exactly what happens to Sara and Jonathan played by Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack in the movie, Serendipity. In the film, Sara and Jonathan share a frozen hot chocolate at a little restaurant on the first night that they meet. This restaurant is called “Serendipity 3” and is located at 225 East 60th Street in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Since the film, the restaurant has been known for their frozen hot chocolate. Also, the table that Beckinsale and Cusack sat at while filming is now referred to as the “Star Table”. Established in 1954, this restaurant is a hot spot for locals, tourists, and celebrities. Stephen Bruce is the owner and even made an appearance in the movie itself! Bruce plays the staff member that Jonathan asks if it is okay to go back into the restaurant to look for his scarf. If you plan to stop for a bite at Serendipity 3, make sure to call ahead of time and make a reservation.

Comfort Tour Canada has bus tours departing from Toronto to New York City every weekend this summer! With a great mix of fully-guided tours and free time, you will be able to see all that New York City’s attractions have to offer. During your free time, why not go on a movie and TV set adventure to check out some of these places mentioned. Book a tour with Comfort Tour Canada today!


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