New York City TV and Movie Sets


Visit Your Favourite TV and Movie Sets in the Big Apple!

While you are on Comfort Tour’s New York City bus tour, make sure to visit the sets of your favourite movies and TV series during the allotted free time!
These are just some of our favourite spots:

Sex and the City – Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment:

New York City’s most fabulous lady lived in a brownstone on the Upper East Side – 245 East 73rd Street, between Park and Madison to be exact! Here, Carrie Bradshaw had many moments on the iconic front steps and at the window, where she is seen writing her column in many of the episodes of Sex and the City. If you get the chance to visit Carrie’s apartment on your trip to Manhattan, don’t expect to see Manolo Blahnik wearing, Cosmo sipping, single ladies. This brownstone is actually located in the heart of the West Village of Manhattan at 64 Perry Street, a tree-lined street in a quiet neighbourhood.

Friends – Monica Geller’s Apartment:

There is no way that this apartment could not make our favourites list! Monica Geller, who is played by actress Courtney Cox, lives in Apartment 20 of an apartment unit in Greenwich Village. The apartment was handed down to Monica from Grandma Geller and is the one of the main sets used in the show. Located on the corner of Grove and Bedford in Greenwich Village, you can go see this apartment with the iconic fire escape and fulfill your Friends fan dreams!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Holly Golightly’s apartment:

For all of the Audrey Hepburn fans out there, this is a definite spot to visit! See where Miss. Holly Golightly lived with the company of her pet cat and her neighbour, Paul. In the movie, Holly’s small apartment address is 167 East 71st Street located on the Upper East Side of a neighbourhood borough in Manhattan. However, in reality, the actual house number is 169! Holly’s apartment is now a multi-family home of 2,880 square feet, and the property is valued at around four million dollars. Make sure to bring your big, black sunhats when visiting!

Serendipity – Serendipity 3, Restaurant and General Store:

Serendipity (n): the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

That is exactly what happens to Sara and Jonathan played by Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack in the movie, Serendipity. In the film, Sara and Jonathan share a frozen hot chocolate at a little restaurant on the first night that they meet. This restaurant is called “Serendipity 3” and is located at 225 East 60th Street in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Since the film, the restaurant has been known for their frozen hot chocolate. Also, the table that Beckinsale and Cusack sat at while filming is now referred to as the “Star Table”. Established in 1954, this restaurant is a hot spot for locals, tourists, and celebrities. Stephen Bruce is the owner and even made an appearance in the movie itself! Bruce plays the staff member that Jonathan asks if it is okay to go back into the restaurant to look for his scarf. If you plan to stop for a bite at Serendipity 3, make sure to call ahead of time and make a reservation.

Comfort Tour Canada has bus tours departing from Toronto to New York City every weekend this summer! With a great mix of fully-guided tours and free time, you will be able to see all that New York City’s attractions have to offer. During your free time, why not go on a movie and TV set adventure to check out some of these places mentioned. Book a tour with Comfort Tour Canada today!


Follow the Royal-Brick-Road!

london bridge

Have you booked one of our tours to London and Paris and are having a hard time deciding what to do or see during your free time in London? Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a part of the British Royal Family? We’ve created an exclusive Royal Road for you to follow to get a taste of what it is like to be a King or a Queen!

Follow this road to experience the royal pomp and pageantry as you discover the majestic part of London!

Tower of London:

Built around 1365 to house Edward III’s treasures, this building is one of only two left from the medieval Palace of Westminster after an 1834 fire. This world-famous historic landmark gives you the opportunity to see the Imperial State Crown and other royal treasures in the Jewel House. While you’re there, be sure to check out some of the exhibitions going on throughout the summer such as the Line of Kings exhibit – showcasing the Tower’s collection of arms and armour!

Kensington Palace:

This royal residence was Princess Diana’s last home. Visit the Fashion Rules: Dresses from the Collections of HM The Queen, Princess Margaret and Diana exhibit and indulge in exquisite dresses once worn by these royal leading ladies. Afterwards, enjoy an afternoon tea party and at the Orangery restaurant. Remember, pinkie up!

Queen’s Gallery:

The Queen’s Gallery is a public art gallery located at Buckingham Palace. This gallery showcases works of art from the Royal Collection. You can admire Queen Mary’s diamond ring at The First Georgians: Art & Monarchy 1714-1760 exhibit as well as the Diamond Jubilee state coach!

Westminster Abbey:

Consecrated in 1065, this breathtaking abbey is the crowning and burials site of most English monarchs since 1066. It also houses Poets’ Corner; the burial place of Charles Dickens and other writers. Visit the site that held the extravagant 2011 wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

Fortnum & Mason:

Established in 1707, this British store is famed for its food hall, hampers and china. Bring home gifts for your family from Fortnum & Mason, the official grocers of HRH the Price of Wales since 1863.

Royal Birthday:

You are cordially invited to celebrate Prince George’s first birthday. On July 22nd, Buckingham Palace will be opening their doors to launching Royal Childhood; a special exhibition of artefacts from different generations of childhood within the royal family. You will see 250 years of toys, clothes, unseen photographs and film footage. Happy Birthday, Prince George!

Comfort Tour Canada offers a London/Paris tour package for 9 days and 8 nights. We provide fully guided tours to all of the main attractions of each city. For each day that you are in London, you will also have the opportunity to go see sites and attractions at your own leisure. Following the Royal Road is a perfect activity to do during your free time to explore the majestic city of London! Embrace your adventurous side and book one of our London/Paris tours today!

Top 5 Reasons to Travel this Summer!


Summer is upon us and there is no better time to travel than right now! Grab your suitcase and passport and check out Comfort Tour Canada’s
Top 5 Reasons to Travel this Summer:

#1: Educate Yourself!
• There is no better way to learn about history, culture and language than traveling and experiencing it yourself. Who needs a school textbook when you can learn from hundreds of museums, monuments and people while engaging in an experience that you will remember forever!

#2: Food!
• Get the chance to try authentic local cuisine of the city or country you choose to visit. From Chicago’s deep-dish pizza to England’s English style fish and chips, there are so many iconic dishes to try that are sure to meet and satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

#3: Be Adventurous!
• Grab your friends and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Whether it’s a bus tour to the USA or a flight across the Atlantic Ocean, challenge yourself to new depths and see how much you can accomplish. Try to hail a cab in New York City (in one shot!) or navigate your way through the Italian-speaking streets of Florence – you’ll never know how much of a traveller you are until you try!

#4: Recharge and Refresh!
• We all live busy live and sometimes, a mental break is necessary. This summer gives you the perfect opportunity to reset your mind and escape out of your everyday routine by taking a relaxing vacation. You deserve it!

#5: Treat Yourself!
• When you look back at your summer in September, what is going to stand out the most – the exhausting 40-hour work week you barely made it through? Definitely not! We all have that one dream travel destination on our bucket list and there is no better time to go than now! It is time that we all started doing what makes us truly happy. After all, traveling is the route to happiness!

At Comfort Tour Canada, we offer a wide variety of bus tour packages, including tours within Canada, to the U.S and even to Europe! This summer, we are excited for our London &Paris 10-day fully-guided tours, which take you on wonderful excursion to two of the most visited cities in the world! Comfort Tour also offers a 10-day Bella Italia tour package, which includes visits to Rome, Florence and Venice. The combination of these three beautiful Italian cities will make this an unforgettable tour experience!

Comfort Tour offers departures from Toronto for all of our bus tours!

Canadian Maritime Provinces: Yours to Discover…

Canadian East Coast Tours from Toronto

As a Canadian tour operator, we KNOW Canada and we know what cities are worth the visit! The Canadian Maritimes are a true gem and what better way to explore the region than joining a fully-escorted tour?   Comfort Tour Canada’s East Coast Tours are the way to go!

Join this spectacular, 7-day /6-night fully-guided tour to Canadian East Coast with Comfort Tour Canada (Toronto Departures).  This insightful tour will explore the beautiful Maritime Provinces, which offer enriching and unforgettable experiences to all!

Canadian East Coast Tours from Toronto

The journey will include stays in Charlottetown, PE, Halifax, NS, and Baddeck, NS. The tour package will include flight (and flight taxes), local transportation by coach, ferry transportation, daily breakfast, two group dinners, and fully-guided sightseeing tours.  We offer tour departures from Toronto, ON (all flights are direct flights).

Main tour highlights include: The picturesque rural areas of Cavendish, P.E.I. and its long stretches of white sandy beaches, the Anne of Green Gables Heritage Place, a Lobster Feast at the Fisherman’s Wharf, Peggy’s Cove on the shore of St. Margaret’s Bay in Nova Scotia, the views of the Bras D’Or Lakes in Baddeck, and much more!

Canadian East Coast Tours from TorontoCanadian East Coast Tours from Toronto

With its awe-inspiring coastlines, distinctive culture, and delicious seafood cuisine, the Maritimes are without doubt a real treasure. Join Comfort Tour to discover the beautiful Maritime Provinces and reveal their hidden gems!

Comfort Tour Canada’s Canadian East Coast Tours from Toronto are the perfect way to discover the maritime provinces, which boast some of the most beautiful places in all of Canada.

For more information about this tour, please visit:

* Eastern Capitals of Europe *

Prague-Vienna-Budapest Tours from Toronto

Discover the best of Central Europe with Comfort Tour Canada as you travel through three historic and culturally-rich European cities! Our 8 day / 7 night fully-escorted tour includes round-trip direct flights, guided sightseeing tours conducted by licensed-English speaking guides, quality accommodation, daily breakfasts and six group dinners (including a dinner boat cruise on the Danube River in Budapest!).  Join Comfort Tour Canada on our Prague-Vienna-Budapest Tours from Toronto to discover the magical Eastern Capitals of Europe.

Prague-Vienna-Budapest Tours from Toronto

Prague-Vienna-Budapest Tours from Toronto

Your first destination will be Prague, Czech Republic. During you time in Prague, enjoy a sightseeing tour with a local guide and visit the main sights of the city, such as the 1,000 ­year mold Hradcany Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Town, the Jewish ghetto, the Astronomical Clock, and the old town, Mala Strana. You will also enjoy a special dinner (included) in a historic brewery dating back to 1400 and enjoy the local goulash with Pilsner bier as well as the famous Becherovka. How is that for a true Czech experience !

Prague-Vienna-Budapest Tours from Toronto

Prague-Vienna-Budapest Tours from Toronto

The next stop will be Budapest, Hungary,  where you will join your Local Guide on a tour through Eastern Europe’s most cosmopolitan city. Passing by the Parliament, cross the Danube via the Margaret Bridge to Margaret Island and drive to the Royal Castle on the Buda side, where you visit the Fishermen’s Bastion (Promenade) and the Matthias Church. Also,  climb the Gellért Hill, which rises 140 m tall above the Danube River – there you will have some beautiful views of the city! You will also cross the Elisabeth- Bridge, passing the Heroe’s Square, the Opera and St. Stephan Basilica.

Prague-Vienna-Budapest Tours from Toronto

Prague-Vienna-Budapest Tours from Toronto

The last stop is Vienna, Austria! In Vienna, enjoy sightseeing with a drive along the elegant Ringstrasse. Pass the impressive State Opera House, the Jewish quarter, and stop at the Hofburg Palace, the winter residence of the Austrian imperial family. Marvel at the impressive courtyards and famous Heldenplatz and visit the famous St. Stephen’s Cathedral.  Vienna is a beautiful city and has a lot to offer to visitors from all over the world. During your free time, do some shopping on the longest shopping mile in Vienna – Mariahilfer Straße. There, you will find all of the major department stores and local shops/boutiques as well as many local cafes, where you can try the traditional Viennese chocolate Sacher Torte! This is something you don’t want to miss!

Comfort Tour Canada’s Prague-Vienna-Budapest Tours from Toronto is a spectacular tour, which combines the Bohemian lifestyle of Prague, the bustling pace of Budapest and the elegance and style of Vienna all in one! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit these beautiful cities this Summer of 2014! Trust your Canadian tour operator and travel with Comfort Tour Canada – remember, we travel in Comfort all the way!

For more information about the tour, please visit our website:

Safe (and smart) Traveling

Travelers can become victims of crime and violence or experience unexpected difficulties when abroad. Luckily, most problems can be solved or better yet, avoided if you are well-prepared for your travels!  We have prepared the following travel tips to help you avoid difficulties during your time abroad whether with Comfort Tour or on your own. We wish you a safe and wonderful journey!

Be Street Smart


  1. Use the same common sense traveling overseas that you would at home. Be especially cautious in areas where you may be more easily victimized such as in crowded train stations, elevators, touristic sites, markets, concerts, etc.
  2. Do not roam unfamiliar streets or use short cuts, narrow alleys or poorly lit streets at night.
  3. Avoid public demonstrations and other civil disturbances (riots, strikes, protests).
  4. Avoid scam artists by being wary of strangers who approach you and offer to guide or sell something at bargain prices.
  5. Beware of pickpockets by holding on closely to your belongings. Sometime groups of vagrant children can create a distraction while picking your pocket.
  6. Wear the shoulder strap of your bag across your chest and walk with the bag away from the curb to avoid drive-by purse-snatchers.
  7. Try to remain confident when you move about the foreign city. Even if you are lost, act as if you know where you are going.
  8. Know how to use a local payphone.
  9. Learn a few phrases in the local language or have them handy in written form so that you can signal your need for police or medical help if required.
  10. Make a note of emergency telephone numbers that you may need. These include police, fire, your hotel, and the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

Hotel Safety Precautions

  1. Keep your hotel door locked at all times. Plan to meet visitors in the lobby.
  2. Do not leave money or other valuables in your hotel room while you are out. Use the hotel safe.
  3. Do not get on an elevator if there is a suspicious person already inside.
  4. Read the fire safety instructions in your hotel room.

Safety on Public Transportation



Only take taxis clearly identified with official, licensed taxi-cab markings. Beware of unmarked cabs.


Well-organized, systematic robberies of passengers on trains are a major problem. They are more common during evening hours and especially on overnight trains. Be aware of suspicious faces and keep valuable belongings closely at hand. Where possible, lock your compartments with your belongings. If it cannot be locked securely, take turns sleeping in shifts with your traveling companions. Do not be afraid to alert authorities if you feel threatened in any way.

This may seem like common sense, but do not accept food or drink from strangers! It is common that criminals pretend to be friendly and talkative, while actually planning to trick you or offer you food or drinks that are drugged or poisonous.


The same type of criminal activity found on trains can be found on public buses on popular tourist routes. For example, tourists have been drugged and robbed while sleeping on buses or in bus stations. In some countries, whole busloads of passengers have been held up and robbed by gangs of bandits. Just keep an eye out for suspicious faces and/or series of events.

Keep your Money Safe

  1. To avoid carrying large amounts of cash, exchange your travelers’ checks only as you need currency. Countersign travelers’ checks only in front of the person who is cashing them.
  2. Do not flash large amounts of money when paying a bill. Make sure your credit card is returned to you after each transaction.
  3. Deal only with authorized agents when you exchange money, buy airline tickets and/or purchase souvenirs. Do not change money at the black market.
  4. If your possessions are lost or stolen, report the loss immediately to the local police. Keep a copy of the police report for insurance claims and as an explanation of what happened.

Although many of the above tips seem to be quite common sense, you would be surprised that how people get distracted or forget to follows these simple rules while traveling! The most important thing to remember is to be aware and stay calm in any situation you find yourself in.

Where ever your travels take you, we wish you a safe and wonderful journey!

Advantages of Group Travel

Traveling alone can be pretty boring and annoying but when traveling in groups, your trip is likely to be more organized and educational! Arranging your holiday by traveling with bus tours in groups are the way to go.


One of the best things about bus tours is that you yourself do not have to drive. It is much easier to look around and take in the scenery when you do not have to be worried about traffic, pedestrians, traffic signals, etc. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as our experienced drivers take you to all the planned sights!

Another benefit of group travel by bus is that you will be traveling with people that have similar interests. This will give you the chance to meet new people and share your stories while on the bus. Who knows, maybe you will even acquire new, life-long friends?


At Comfort Tour, we strive to ensure that our passengers travel in comfort throughout the entire tour. We have our own buses which are equipped with air-conditioning and TVs. The seats are well cushioned and made to make you feel relaxed. Our buses are so comfortable that you might eventually forget that you are traveling on a bus!


What’s more, our knowledgeable and licensed tour directors will tell you everything you need to know when visiting foreign cities. You won’t have to rely on any guide books, brochures or online travel guides – just follow our tour guide and you’ll become an expert in any particular city! Also, we have a planned itinerary for each tour which ensures that you don’t miss any of the important sights in the area you are visiting.

We offer our tourists the best services and well-planned tours that make your holidays unforgettable! Travel with us and you’ll travel in comfort all the way!

Top 10 Must-Haves When Traveling

You are going on vacation and there are a plenty of things that you must have with you. In fact, you pack everything that your baggage is getting heavier and heavier.

Hand writing travel plan

It’s a pity to leave something, isn’t it? Use our advice for a competent and smart method of what to pack when going on vacation!

  1. Documents, tickets, credit cards and other travel necessary things. A copy of your passport is a big plus, while cash helps you at least to buy what you may forget to take with you.
  2. Small First Aid Box. You never know when you might need a band aid. Better to be prepared than to be in pain, especially when you are away from home.
  3. Travel Size Toiletries: Especially with luggage restrictions increasing, it is smart to carry travel size toiletries. Sometimes you can’t even rely on the hotel to provide the best quality and even presence of them.
  4. Comfortable pair of shoes and comfortable clothes. Classy shoes may look nice but they’re not suitable for traveling, walking, running, etc. Of course, comfortable clothes are also a good match to the comfortable shoes.
  5. Formal clothes for an evening out: It is always better to be prepared for an unplanned visit to theater, restaurant, or anything else where a dress code applies.
  6. You’ll need something to carry maps, snacks and bottled water while you explore. Keep your heavy wheeled bag in your hotel room and pack daily essentials in a backpack to carry around with you during the day!
  7. If you’re traveling overseas and use plug-in appliances or electronic equipment, you will definitely need plug adapters. Some hair dryers, camera chargers, laptops and cell phones are dual voltage, but others need a voltage converter.
  8. Bring guidebooks and domestic maps with you. Do some research on map prices if you plan to travel overseas. In many cases, it’s less expensive to buy local maps at your destination rather than in your local bookstore.
  9. Important phone numbers, addresses, those extremely important contacts that help you during your vacation. Our tour guides are always equipped with a contact sheet so don’t hesitate to ask if you need assistance.
  10. A raincoat or an umbrella is also useful to have on hand when on-the-go! It’ll create extra frustration for you if you get caught in the rain unprepared!

You are ready! Have a great trip!

‘My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don’t know.’!

It’s safe to say that most people are familiar with the catchy phrases of Sherlock Holmes.


Sherlock Holmes, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is a detective with great ability for deduction and logics. All stories that appear in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are held in London. The prototype of Sherlock Holmes was Conan Doyle’s colleague who worked in The Royal Edinburgh Hospital and was famous for his ability to guess the person’s past and present based on small clues.

His detective stories became famous, but in fact Conan Doyle did not share such enthusiasm for detectives. He was an author of historical novels rather than detective stories, for which he became loved by his readers. When Sir Arthur decided to stop writing detective stories, he ended the Sherlock Holmes series by writing about the death of Sherlock Holmes in a battle with the popular literary character Professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls. However, the number of letters from indignant readers led the writer to “revive” the famous detective and continue with his adventures.

To learn more about the life of Sherlock, you can visit the famous museum located in London on 221b Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson lived at the same address according to the stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


The Sherlock Holmes’ Museum

In The Sherlock Holmes’ Museum, you are transported back in time to the late 1800’s. are no horrors, mummies, hidden corpses, or wax figures. Instead, Everything in the museum reminds us of the stories we know so well. In fact, when stepping into the rooms inside the museum, it will feel as though the great detective had left the room for a moment, while Mrs. Hudson is just about to enter the room with a tray of tea cups. It is filled with everything mentioned in the stories – Holmes’ violin, his deerstalker and pipe, the Persian slipper in which he kept his tobacco, unanswered letters pinned to the wall with a knife, his magnifying glass and more. What’s more, you will find Dr. Watson’s diary, which contains hand-written notes and extracts from famous story: “The Hound of the Baskervilles”. You can also sit in Holmes’s armchair by the fireplace, or even bring your own pipe to smoke! It is truly a unique experience, unlike that of any other museum.

People have been writing to this address a lot for the last 100 years; most letters come from the United States. Correspondents generally ask whether Mr. Holmes can help them with a problem, such as finding a missing relative or pet. Greeting cards also arrive during holidays including Christmas and Holmes’ birthday. Dr. Watson is not forgotten either.

You can take a small excursion around the museum by following the link:


The Sherlock Holmes pub

Another outstanding place that can be visited is the Sherlock Holmes Pub. This was originally a small hotel, previously known as the Northumberland Arms, but it was later refurbished and reopened under its present name in December 1957.
The pub was restored to a late Victorian form, and the exhibition with a detailed replication of Holmes’ fictional apartment can be found on the upstairs floor. They serve traditional pub food ranging from a la carte menu items and a wide selection of beer, real ales, wines and spirits. All of these foods are served while you enjoy yourself in a cozy and friendly atmosphere. The Sherlock Holmes Pub believes in giving customers the best. Everyone is welcome!

Even the menu of this pub is like a detective story, have a look:

So when you are in London, remember to visit the world’s most famous and historical places for a chance to be transported back in time!

Will you marry me?

Oh, I want to go to Paris again!
– Have you ever been to Paris?
– No, but yesterday I also wanted to go there!


Oh, Paris. This is a place full of beauty, joy, intrigue, chic and charm. Everywhere you go, and at every corner you will find something appealing to any personality. There are certain places that tourists usually go to visit, but if you are planning to do something “special” for your loved one on your trip, we will narrow down the list to the top five best places. Paris is the BEST place to make a proposal to your girlfriend. There is feeling of love. You will feel the “Oh la la” from the first moment that you step your foot in this city.

Top 5 places to do the proposal:

1. Eiffel Tower

What can be even better than making a proposal on top of the Eiffel tower, the most visited attraction in the world? Imagine: the view of Paris, and a beautiful ring. This is definitely a story that can be told to your children later.


2. French restaurant.

France is famous for its cuisine. Local delicacies include foie gras, cheese, and wine. These are usually accompanied by a charming atmosphere and relaxing music, making your evening unforgettable.

Souvenir Eiffel tower, candle and a pair of wineglasses on the t

3. Hot air balloon.
An unusual adventure on a hot balloon will make the moment of proposal the best in your life. Take the opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of Paris, capture some one-in-a-lifetime photographs, and enjoy one-on-one time with your loved one.



4. Spa-weekend

Spend a relaxing weekend in a spa with a massage, sauna, and room service. Any woman would enjoy this getaway!


5. Disneyland.

This place was created not only for children, but also for adults! Ask Mickey Mouse to help you with the proposal. He will be happy to do it!


Image (c) Ekaterina Korvel

And remember: If she loves you and wants to marry you, she will be saying “yes” no matter where you propose!
Someone may think that Paris is not a city to be visited. In fact it is.
Be in Love. Be in Paris.